• Understanding the Menstrual Cycle Step-by-Step to Break Free from Menstrual Cycle Sabotage.

    Single or Married, Enroll in this amazing introductory course that helps you to learn your cycle like you have never done before with a brief introduction to your unique normal or abnormal patterns and to finally understand the mental health connection.

  • The Menstrual Cycle Step-by-Step for Engage Women to Break Free from Menstrual Cycle Sabotage.

    Enrolling in this amazing course to understand your unique cycle, it's normal and abnormal patterns and the menstrual cycle saboteurs that can sabotage your fertility if not addressed, is the best gift that you can give to your self or a love one taking the big step into marriage. The best investment ever before your wedding day!

  • Understanding the Menstrual Cycle Step-by-Step for Premenopausal Women to Break Free from Menstrual Cycle Sabotage.

    For the women transitioning into this amazing season of their lives. This course gives you a glimpse into your cycle, the details that no one took the time to tell you before to prepare you for the changes. This information is a gate way into how you can transition into the next season of your life gracefully.

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Meet Kimberly

Wife, Mother, Nurse, Holistic Nutritionist, Menstrual and Hormonal Health and Wellness Resource and Coach, Certified Metabolic Balance Coach


Kimberly Yhap is the founder of Be in Health Nutrition and Wellness and Empowered to Overcome Academy. She is an everyday mom who wears many hats (don’t we all). Her life story and experiences have equipped her to be the caring wife, mom, Registered Nurse, Holistic  Nutritionist, Menstrual and Hormonal Health and Wellness Coach, and a Certified Metabolic Balance Coach.

Her motto is “I speak to all who will listen and teach all who know that I care …”

She is passionate to empower women of childbearing age to Love, Learn and Lavish their womb with care.

She supports highly motivated married professional Christian women 25-35 that are experiencing infertility, painful irregular menstrual cycles, PMS, mood swings, and mental health challenges to make the mental and menstrual health connection; uncover and identify menstrual cycle saboteurs, cycle abnormalities/imbalances with empowering individualized strategies and step-by-step protocols while learning how to navigate the medical system to break free from menstrual sabotage.

She is an international public speaker online and in-person; she hosts group events, provides instruction one-on-one, premarital, and marital natural family planning instructions to couples, along with a basic understanding of miscarriages, fertility, and infertility issues. 

She is honoured to be a contributing author and shares her story and hormonal struggles in two recently released and inspiring books.

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  • Metabolic Balance

    I started the Metabolic Balance since I was in desperate need of a change in my eating habits to ultimately lose weight. I always seem to have a problem with my weight all my life. Starting Metabolic Balance was a sheer blessing. I thank my coach - Kim, for introducing me to the program. I've been on the plan for just one month and have lost 17 lbs and counting. I love the flexibility with the various meal options. I have a variety of proteins and carbs to choose from, so I never get bored. I've stopped taking my vitamins and still feel energized. I highly recommend this program to all who need a lifestyle change, whether eating healthier or getting back into shape."

    Christine G. (Canada)

Empowered to overcome the tough seasons of life, is a compilation of stories of women willing to be vulnerable and share their dark experiences. Today, Kim shares how God has turned her pain of child loss in the third trimester of pregnancy into purpose. Looking for hope in a tough season, look no further.

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