The Woman with The Issue of Blood - Suffering in Silence

The Woman with The Issue of Blood - Suffering in Silence

This woman was suffering, her right age we do not know. Was she a mother? Or a wife? The absence of those finer details may keep us wondering. At least I was, I probably still am.

Here is what we know from several accounts of her story. She was desperate. She spent lots of money, and she sought professional help.

But to no avail, her condition remained the same.

Was she the only one in this predicament? Probably not. But her condition in this season made her more desperate, passively bold, willing to risk, and to dare.

For 12 long years, she sought help. Was she a working woman? I ask the question again, did she have a husband? If so what was the nature of their relationship? Remember this was a woman bleeding for 12 long possibly lonely years.

Was he understanding? Supportive? Did he stick around? Did he comfort or ridiculed her, for back then she would have been considered unclean.

I could only imagine her silence. She certainly would not have bragged about her predicament. After all who would want to be known as an unclean woman perhaps even called accursed.

Again I imagine her in the distance, devoid of friends, walking on the outskirts, and avoiding the crowds. But this time she dared herself, she made a move as it was now or never.

She touched Him. He felt it. She touched JESUS!

It was afterward that men spoke of her, women probably whispered even gossiped perhaps. Her story became known every last detail. She was known as the woman with the issue of blood. (1) (2) (3)

Fast forward today, this woman’s story may be recurring over and over again. The nature of the bleeding to us remains a secret. However, the nurse in me would have me speculating for hours. So let us assume it was a menstrual bleed, Was it a massive bleed? Probably not, as that would be fatal. Was it  a continuous spotting, meaning was there no stopping day in and day out? REALLY? This loss of blood would indeed be a cause for concern.

Was she told to go and only take a pill?

Have you like me wondered what life was like for that woman? Or are you like that woman, suffering in silence month after month, and sadly year after year living with the lie that your experience is normal?

Are you experiencing days of being confined to bed resulting in lost wages, disrupted school, failing grades, and no time to play? Over and over as this inconvenience happens, does these unpredictable days cause you suffering and pain?

Welcome to my blog! A health and wellness resource for Christian Women of Childbearing Age. Single or married, Mom or Grandmom. It is time to break the silence, Let us take the time to learn how, to tell how, and to show how.

Imagine her embarrassment probably month after month being seen visiting every doctor in the small village, even venturing far and wide to hide the shame, avoid the stares, the whispers, and ridicule. With a condition like that, it is no wonder a woman; this woman may have been silent about it.

I must confess that even as I worked among women of childbearing ages helping them navigate through their hormonal issues. I too struggled to talk about the menstrual cycle and issues plaguing even Christian women today in a forum like this.

It was simply not something we spoke about, and for this, our women suffer in silence, and we talk only in whispers.

After twenty or more years of witnessing hormone-related menstrual and fertility issues, in our Christian circles, I have decided to remove the elephant from the room. The issue that is so obvious but not spoken of.

Join me on this journey as we navigate, you and I. As we learn the normal and beautiful way how God created us and know how to spot the abnormal. It is so important that we learn this information, and lovingly show and tell someone in pain, suffering even shame. Or who knows, maybe it’s even YOU.

How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things?

Romans 10:15

Feel free to come, sit and talk with me.