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As I reflect on moms with daughters, I remember the loss of my eldest daughter 22 years ago. She was stillborn. Back then, I lost the joys of buying dresses, dolls and the simple pleasures of doing ‘girly’ stuff and combing ponytails. I became content and blessed with my boys. Then God gave me Joy, not a replacement but an extra-special blessing.

Looking back had I not had that experience 22 years ago, I am positive that I would have missed something to share with my daughter. I am sure I may have bought into some of the trends and myths around. Would I have been this bold to have the conversation, a deep conversation around the menstrual cycle? Here is what I know now: I have been given a second chance to have the talk with my daughter. I may admit that I may still miss a few things, but I plan to start when she is young. My dear, little girl does not understand why I tell her to eat her fish, or just try five beans for now. You see, with a simple meal of sardines or beans I am starting to invest in her hormonal health even from now.

This talk will help to make moms aware of the everyday foods that can have a positive impact on their daughters’ hormones way before, and as they approach puberty. Learn the important functional and foundational nutrients that can help prepare and prevent unpleasant symptoms that lead many young girls to dislike their bodies and periods.



Boy meets girl, and many things follow: The long walks, talks, then the ring on bended knees…The hall, the church, flowing dresses, flowers and blushing moms…The thoughts of the honeymoon to the exotic destination…Thousands spent for this one, special day that is supposed to herald in “happy ever after”…The music sounds, the bells ring, and everyone is called to admire the bride in the most beautiful dress of the day.

But unknown to most or all, beneath the dress lies the sordid tales of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), bloating, and painful and messed up hormones which only emerge when the wedding march ceases and the makeup wears off. They can quickly cause those moments to fade, as the mountain of heartbreak awaits.

I love to have the conversation way ahead of time. I will admit, it is a hard subject to discuss with young adults who feel they know it all. I have felt awkward when broaching the subject for fear of being labeled “intrusive” but I have however seen beautiful brides who do not know how their body functions or is supposed to function, and who do not know when something is wrong. I was one such bride.

This talk will help young adults approaching marriage to know what the phases of their menstrual cycle represent, what is normal, what is not, and how good food choices can impact or reduce some of the unpleasant experiences around the cycle. It will help them to start to prepare their body for marriage and childbearing.




I am aware of the reality that even though it may be every girl’s desire or most girls’ desire to be a wife, for some it may not happen, and for others, it may happen after a ‘childbearing age’. Single women, too, can be the victims of irregular and/or painful periods. Many independent and career-driven women can have the stress and passion for success that may lead them down the slippery road of messed up hormones, and worrisome periods.

Before marriage and motherhood come knocking at your door, every single woman of today has the opportunity to understand the ‘ins and outs’ of their menstrual cycle. There is so much available today to help you figure out why increasing pain, migraines, and heavy and irregular cycles are a part of your everyday life and why, for some, these symptoms are absent.

This talk is a good time to learn about how lifestyle, environment, and wrong food choices may be pushing you over the edge.



Grandmothers, mothers, aunts, sisters, women leaders, and youth counselors have all been blessed with the ability to be a mentor at some time in their lives. I am so grateful that early in my married life, a dear sister in my church took the time to mentor me in delicate marriage matters. Oh yes, I am so glad she did! The menstrual cycle is not foreign to any of us and gone are the days where it is something to be silent about in our church’s women’s groups.

Let’s face it; it is not a silent subject in our schools and many of our girls are being deceived or led to believe that the “pill” is the answer to their period issues, hence labeling it as bothersome. Sadly some of our girls are being told that it is ok to not have a period for a while and are being given birth control to make this happen.

What a blessing it is to be a discerning and a godly source of information to the young women in your groups! Many of our young women end up facing situations that leave them heartbroken before the Lord later in life, as they try to bear children.

This session will help you to learn about the challenges that are affecting the young women in your home, churches and youth groups, as well as understand how the environment, lifestyles, and food choices all result in problems which you yourself may have never experienced.