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The Growing Girl: A New Summer Event ~ 3-Hour online event for girls 9 - 13 years. August 15th 1 pm - 3 pm

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This event is an excellent opportunity for girls 9 - 13 to know what's happening inside their body through a highly exciting, educational, interactive, 3- 1 hour online event about the entire menstrual cycle.

Reasons you want your daughter to attend this event!

  • Enhanced Communication: Encourages open discussions between moms and daughters
  • Educational Support: Provides an interactive way to learn about the menstrual cycle and related symptoms.
  • Symptom tracking: Introduction to tracking the period and mental health symptoms, understanding triggers, and aids in better management
  • Medical Record Keeping: Useful tool to track cycle symptoms to share with medical practitioners
  • Cycle Appreciation: Helps girls to understand their own cycle patterns ad recognize what is normal in their own body
  • Emotional Support: Provides a space for girls to express their feelings and experiences related to their cycle
  • Early Detection: Helps identify any irregularities early, prompting timely medical consultation.